All That Makes a Restaurant Eco-Friendly

One of the many ways you can incorporate “Green” in your life is to pick you’re your restaurants wisely. This will be especially beneficial if you end up eating more than three times each week.  Pick a restaurant that is eco-friendly. Chances are that if they are eco-friendly they will put it out there. There is a certain criteria that makes a restaurant green.

Eco-friendly Restaurants

Water Conservation

This should be the first goal of any restaurant, considering that on an average an eatery uses about 300,000 gallons of water every year. To use the water efficiently is also important. A difference can be made in kitchens and restrooms with the help of water catchment and reuse. Sinks with low-flow rates and energy saving washing machines are also of great help.

Management of Waste

More consumption also means more waste produce. 150,000 pounds of garbage is produced in restaurants every year. Re-usable items are used extensively by eco-friendly restaurants. They also churn out less waste, recycle and compost.  


Many environment friendly restaurants do up their décor nicely in with natural and recycled materials. Most of these places use bamboo or recycled materials that look great too.

Sustainable Eating

A big part of going green is to grow fruits and vegetables by yourself or buy from local farmers to support them. Organic vegetarian foods are not just very popular but very delicious too. The meats and dairy should be taken from animals that have been fed only grass.

Efficient Use of Energy

With the help of only sustainable sources of energy, restaurants can become carbon neutral. Restaurants in America are the largest consumers of electricity and this comes as a great relief.


Bio-based materials and recycled materials are used extensively by eco-friendly restaurants. Be it napkins or cutlery or takeout containers, everything can become bio-based. The idea is to also slowly stop using disposable items and replacing them with recyclable products.

Less Chemicals, Less Pollutants

Keeping a check on how much chemical waste is generated from the restaurant is of utmost important. This is so because they contribute greatly to the slowing of soil degradation, air pollution and the likes. Damage can also be lessened by reducing the use of bleached products and paints.

There are many others small but effective steps restaurants can take to see that they’re carbon footprint is to a minimum. Some restaurants even take care to make menu cards with recycled paper and bio-degradable inks. Food delivery is made on foot, on bicycles or vehicles with less emission for longer distances.

So the next time you’re dining in a restaurant that proudly states it is eco-friendly, make sure to see that they follow the above rules. The legit ones will see to it that they have an eco-friendly certification. It would do you good to do a bit of research beforehand when you step out for your next meal. Simple measures like these will reduce your carbon footprint and mother Earth will be grateful.

Being Eco-Friendly is Glamourous!

There was a time when being eco-friendly was only restricted to the hippies, but we seem to have have come a long way from there. Saving paper, using plastic bags and just being a more responsible consumer is slowly transitioning from being a choice of lifestyle to a prerequisite to good, clean living. Many celebrities are setting out great examples by making smart choices and contributing to the environment.

Eco-friendly Celebrities

Natalie Portman

Pretty much everyone we know wants to be the 28 years old Israeli American Actress. She has earned a great reputation as a vegan, going as far as creating a line of vegan shoes and taking it forward to create a whole fashion line which is eco-friendly. The shoes and other items of clothing are made is fake leather and other alternative organic materials. Her band of stylists has made sure that none of the products are tested on animals. Portman has also made some serious social contributions in saving the gorillas of Rwanda.

Julia Roberts

This Pretty Woman, who drives around in an eco-friendly car along with her husband is also planning to make a completely eco-friendly home in Malibu. She is also teaching her kids to become more responsible towards the environment. Taking small steps such as buying eco-friendly diapers is one of them.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The man is known all over the world to be the face of all things eco-friendly. He just doesn’t take a few measures but imbibes a green and clean lifestyle on a regular basis. He is one of the few stars to drive a hybrid car and is also one of the first few to purchase an eco friendly home in New York. With solar panels that rotate, filtered air system that work all times of the day and facility to treat water, the house is spectacular. DiCaprio has also started a foundation that goes by his name. It was started in 1998 and supports all kinds of cause related to the environment.   

Cameron Diaz

Apart from being known as one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, Cameron Diaz has also come to be recognized as the author of the book titled ‘Green Book’. This book is full of numerous ways in which you can make your life healthier, greener and eventually happier. From beauty products to everyday household items, Green Book lists 700 ways you can become a friend of the environment. For added glamour, there are tips from other celebrities like Martha Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres, Will Ferrell and Justin Timberlake as well. Time to get a copy of your own!

Adrian Grenier

Best known for his work in Entourage, this actor, director, musician and writer also hosts the show called ‘AlterEco’ on Planet Green. The show teaches people imbibe an eco-friendly way of living. They’re taking up projects like renovating a Spanish house of the 1920s in the affluent neighborhood of Los Feliz. They will do it up to make it completely environment friendly and in this process they will impart the best tips for you to take on as well.